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    A Book of 33 Postcards Time Among the Ancients

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    A Book of 33 Postcards Time Among the Ancients The peaks, plateaus and canyons of the Colorado Plateau harbor a host of archaeological sites. Rock art panels and dwelling are the most visible and compelling. They contribute to our understanding of the mosaic of life that once lived here. Dwellings of stone, wood and mud are testimony to the fact that people once lived here. The archaeological record reveals that there may have been more people calling the Colorado Plateau home in ancient times than now. Dwellings and large pueblos are commonly found in cliff side alcoves, near the heads of canyons, and near water sources. Granaries used for crop storage are often located in high perches away from rodents. On the other hand, Rock Art invites our imagination to “read” and understand these ancient symbols. What meaning did they have then? What meaning do they hold for us now? Rock Art imagery on the plateau dates back to 10,000 B.C. and runs the range from pure abstraction to figurative. Rock Ark is either pecked (petroglyph), painted (pictograph) or a combination of both.

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