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    22X Bottle-nosed Dolphin & Calf (Tursiops truncates) NATIONAL AQ

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    22X Bottle-nosed Dolphin & Calf (Tursiops truncates) NATIONAL AQUARIUM IN BALTIMORE NATIONAL AQUARIUM IN BALTIMORE Bottle-nosed Dolphin & Calf (Tursiops truncates) The bottle-nosed dolphin is a social animal that has been known to approach humans closely enough to be touched, even in the wild. It feeds on fishes, squids, shrimps, and crabs and often follows fishing boats to feed on unwanted fish thrown back into the ocean. The bottle- nosed dolphin is especially adept at locating food by echolocation-projecting a sound beam and listening for the echo. Photographer - Doug Perrine/ Postcard size 4 x 6

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